Voucher Vacanze Regione Piemonte - Susa Valley

Voucher Vacanze Regione Piemonte - Susa Valley

The Voucher Vacanze Regione Piemonte's sale has ended.

Vouchers already sold remain valid and are usable on the date chosen at the time of booking (usable no later than 31 December 2023 check-out date).

Our hospitality is authentic. You are our guest two nights out of four.

Promotion valid for minimum stays of 4 nights.

How it works:

  1. Select the date.
  2. Choose the accommodation that you prefer.
  3. Book your stay (before entering your details you can see the discount).

For minimum stays of 4 nights, two nights are offered!

In fact, one night will be offered by the facility and one will be paid for by the Piedmont Region!

We are solving a technical problem and the vouchers will be available for purchase shortly.

Click here for see the complete rules.