Pinacoteca Agnelli

Pinacoteca Agnelli

The Pinacoteca Agnelli is a collection of 25 works of exceptional art-historical value located in the Lingotto Torino complex. The collection brings together unique works: from Canova's neoclassical plaster casts to Renoir's Impressionism and the group of works by Matisse.

The Pinacoteca inaugurates a new initiative on an annual basis called “Beyond the Collection". It is a way to make the permanent collection a starting point for new artistic narratives related to the present.

The exhibition project, that can be visited until September 25, 2022, is about Pablo Picasso and Dora Maar relationship; the aim is to relate the two artists through a dialogue between their works of art. Dora Maar is represented not only as the subject of Picasso's works, but mainly as the multifaceted artist she was.

To complete the project, the Pinacoteca, throughout the summer, will remain open until 9 p.m. to allow visitors a complete experience, combining art with the wonderful complex that houses the exhibitions.

In fact, it is also possible to continue the exhibition experience with a walk on the Runway 500 where art installations have been integrated into the green lung built 28 meters high with more than 40,000. The visit to the Runway can be preceded by a sunset aperitif at FiatCaffè500 located in Casa500 and managed by Gerla 1927.

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