Exhibition Robert Doisneau

Exhibition Robert Doisneau

The French master of photography Robert Doisneau arrives in Turin with an exhibition of 130 images starting 11 October, 2022. 

The exhibition, located at Camera - Italian Photography Center, starts from one of the most famous photo of the history: the one with two young people kissing in the crowd. This photo inaugurates a deeping of the production of an artist considered, with  Henri Cartier-Bresson, as one of the founding fathers of French humanist photography and street photojournalism.

Photos leads towords a gaze that succed in portraying the extraordinariness of everyday, spontaneous gestures, through the narration of an era in which people seek a new balance within a changing society.

Over 130 black and white silver salt prints on display, from the collection of the Atelier Robert Doisneau a Montrouge.

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