Animali a Corte

Animali a Corte

A new exhibition is in the “Giardini Reali” of Turin from 5 May to 16 October 2022. It is entitled, “Animali a Corte. Visite mai visti nei Giardini Reali”.

You can discover the 25 installations created by 16 Italian artists who wanted to develop the theme in a personal way: representing species with different materials and techniques.

The exhibition is settled at the “Giardini Reali”, but also develops in some rooms of the Palace, the Armory and the Sabauda Gallery.

The goal of the exhibition is to focus the attention on the life forms that populate the globe, especially animals. A call for awareness of the Earth's fragility, enhancing two of the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda: #14 life under water and #15 life on earth.

For more information check out the exhibition website.