Dr. M. Montanaro Distillery

Langhe and Monferrato - Via Garibaldi 6, 12051 Alba Fraz. Gallo (CN)
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Montanaro Distillery is located in Gallo d’Alba in the heart of Langhe, part of UNESCO heritage.

It was founded in 1885, when its precursor Francesco Trussoni, alembic master from Gallo d’Alba, had the genial idea to create Grappa di Barolo, one of the first single grape Grappa in history.

A unique reality which boasts an artisanal engine with alembics in copper.

At the Montanaro Distillery, Grappa is made by distilling just the marcs of various vintage wines, the first of these being Barolo. The marcs are bought from trusted sources; Montanaro produces from historic vineyards of the Barolo districts of Serralunga, La Morra, Monforte, Barolo, Grinzane Cavour, Castiglione Falletto, Novello, Diano d’Alba and from some villages of Roero.

After pressing the marcs, they are passed through traditional ‘steam alembics’ which preserve the aromas and perfumes of the original wine. During distillation, the impurities are eliminated to ensure a clear flow of Grappa from the taps.

Grappa is then put into oak barrels for ageing.

Since 1885 we have upholded to traditional values and the unique history of the Montanaro Grappa. We have not changed our location, we have not changed alembics, we have not changed our suppliers, and we have not changed our methods of Grappa production. This is what makes us unique.