Royal Turin

Palazzo Reale, residence of the House of Savoy until 1865, is ready to welcome you in all its majesty. Along the way you can visit the royal apartments with the throne room, the eighteenth-century boudoirs and the spaces dedicated to dancing. The atmosphere you breathe is that of the baroque court families. You will go from the royal apartments to the Armory, where the weapons and armor collected by Carlo Alberto and kept in the Beaumont Gallery, are on display. Along the way also the Chapel of the Shroud, reopened in September 2018, after a long restoration. Guarino Guarini's masterpiece connects the Royal Palace and the Savoy Gallery. The latter was born from the private collections of Duke Emanuele Filiberto and today houses over seven hundred international masterpieces including Rubens, Van Dyck, Tintoretto and Beato Angelico.

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