A team game with a wine theme. Through a blind tasting, where the bottles are discovered taste after taste, the participants play guessing the origin or the characteristics of each label following the theme of the evening with a set of special cards. The team that gets the most points for each wine tasted wins the game and the prize up for grabs. The world of wine out of academic lessons, conventions, and labels to understand what lies behind glass while having fun: from color to grape variety, from vintage to producer.

What IndoVino is about?

  • 90 minutes of unconventional tasting in the company of an expert sommelier
  • 4 wines for tasting, all "hidden" by InDovinare,
  • 1 wine brought by a member of the group
  • Mixed antipasto platter as an accompaniment
  • Game IndoVino format: special cards for each team, notebook for notes, and graphic layout

Who is the IndoVino player?

Anyone is welcome, of any level of knowledge of the world of wine and a great thirst for curiosity